Work samples

Silk scarf design

Silk Scarf Design Solutions International required a creative and unique online presence to convey its brand identity, service offerings and unique work culture. Creating a unique experience through visual interaction was of great importance as the studio wanted to highlight novelty and freshness.

  • My role: Information architect, visual designer and prototyper
  • Client: Silk Scarf Design Solutions International Limited
  • Timeline: Jul'14-Dec'14
  • Tools: Adobe dreamweaver, illustrator, photoshop


1. Requirements and process

This was among the most challenging projects that I have completed. There were hard competetive benchmarks and equally challenging visuals. The creative director, needed an unconventional design that would embed hand drawn digital sketches. The target users for this project were small businesses and sole proprietors such as health clinics, realtors, models, actors and politicians.


2. Content and navigation design

I decided the content based on user research and competition benchmarking.

image image

3. Concepts and low-fi wireframes

Low fi wireframes were created and several rounds of iterations were done after presentation and discussions.

image image image image

5. Unique design for mobile devices

Unique designs was created for mobile devices. The website was made adaptive for different screen sizes, PC, tablets and mobile phones.The website helped Silk Scarf Design in attracting new clients by showcasing its own digital assets and work.