MyPortal is Ciena's enterprise web application build around the theme of software defined networking. This application is packaged with a legacy product VWAN, and enhances VWAN's capabilities by functioning as a north bound interface, using VWAN's api.


1. Use cases and persona

Coming from a different industry, I faced challenges wrt user research and domain knowledge regarding telecom industry. I overcame this by leveraging Ciena's learning portal and building communication with internal and external stakeholders. Also, studying existing products developed by other teams also helped me in understanding the user persona and use cases.


2. Task flows

For each major use case, I created robust taskflows that were then translated into low fidelity wireframes. A major use case for MyPortal app was to create and reserve bandwidth services. For this, a new taskflow was created that was a major improvement from the previous version as it reduced the user's memory load and improved the information presentation.


3. Low fi wireframes

Low fi wireframes were created and several rounds of iterations were done after presentation and discussions.


4. Hi fi wireframes

I created the high fidelity wireframes once the low fi ones were frozen.


5. Service creation demo using axure rp

Created interactive mockup to communicate the interactions and flows. This helped developers in mapping the accurate experience while creating building the product. We received increased interest from our customers after this release. This product has now moved to its next version as "Guest Portal" under Blue Planet suite.

Shown below is a silent demo:

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