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Augmented multiparty interaction project

In 2005, I worked at the Human Media Interaction research group at the University of Twente in Netherlands on an EU FP6 project - Augmented Multiparty Interaction. I was selected in this competetive undergraduate traineeship based on merit. This 3 month period was instrumental in solidifying my decision to work in the user experiece and interface design domain. The result of my work was incorporated in the research paper published by the lab. Original link to my abstract.


Project abstract

Interaction between participants and the objects displayed over a table is an elementry aspect of a meeting. In a virtual meeting environment, it becomes necessary that any such interaction is designed to look natural and the person who wants to discuss about the object should be able to define arguements clearly. One of the future developments that is foreseen for inclusion in this virtual meeting room is the possibility to discuss virtual objects that have been visualized in the virtual meeting environment. During design meetings these discussions include making changes or suggestions for changes for these virtual objects. Participants should be able to provide these suggestions by examining and modifying the object of attention. For such an interaction, there is a need for a suitable interface which should provide the functions or actions needed for examining or modifying the object by changing its physical properties such as size, color, position, orientation etc. Such an interface could be a combination of different modalities for example, a combination of speech and graphical user interfaces. Also,there should be an effective turn-taking process for making updates in a virtual environment.Especially to solve the problems associated with making updates and changes in the environment e.g.,in a design meeting, when several participants want to make changes to objects at the same time. Download project report here.

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