About me

image My wall portrait at Ciena premises in Ottawa. I submitted this picture as part of a photo competition


Hello! My name is Vikas Panwar. I am a UX Architect with strong experiences in telecom, finance, academia and consumer durables domains. I have been designing products for the global consumer markets since 2006.


I studied product design and human computer interaction at the Indian Institute of Technology Guwahati (IIT-JEE 2002, Bachelor of Design) in India and also completed Master of Business Administration from The University of British Columbia in Vancouver Canada.

My interest in UX and more

I like solving hard problems in human computer interaction, specially those involving large and complex systems. I believe in the systems thinking approach. Apart from having a strong grasp on the UI problem solving and prototyping, I also have a solid grounding in the new product inception and management process. Till today, I have designed over a dozen products for a global audience, while working in China, India and Canada. I also had an year long exposure in the financial markets from 2013 to 2014, while working at OSTC in Montreal as a Futures Trader/Analyst.

Hire me

This portfolio should provide you enough reference to my skillset, experience and approach towards UX projects. Feel free to reach me at vikas.panwar@gmail(.com) for any new opportunity. I try to reply within 48 hours. I generally do not endorse 'take home' design exercises. Although I am open to design debates or short 'on the spot' UX tasks.

Let's Chat

I’d love to chat about how I can help in contributing to the bottom line of your business, send me an email.