My name is Vikas Panwar. I am a UX Architect with strong experiences in telecom, finance, academia and consumer durables domains. I have been designing products for the global consumer markets since 2006. Currently I am based in the scenic capital of Canada - Ottawa.


I studied product design and human computer interaction at the Indian Institute of Technology Guwahati (IIT-JEE 2002, Bachelor of Design) in India and also completed Master of Business Administration from The University of British Columbia in Vancouver Canada.

Why UX

I am passionate about solving hard problems in human - machine interaction, specially those involving large and complex systems. Telecom, Finance, Ecommerce, Healthcare etc. are some of the domains that rely on human-computer interaction to a large extent. I take joy in making those interactions delightful and easy.

I would be glad to answer any queries or discuss future opportunities. I am available at vikas.panwar@gmail.(com).