Work samples

3D Campus walkthrough

As part of my summer internship in 2004 under Prof. Pradeep Yammiyavar, I undertook this project with an aim to create a virtual interactive tour of Indian Institute of Guwahati. I used VRML2.0 script to generate the 3D evironment and mapping texture to the surfaces. An enhanced version of the environment was used to conduct a pilot usability study to compare navigational assistances in 3D virtual environments.


1. Planning the layout

I drew a map of the campus based on aerial photopraphs of the campus. Main buildings of the campus were identified and paths were laid out as per the actual roads.


2. Construction

I decided to use VRML 2.0 to build the environment because it resulted in lightweight source code. Any third party tools would make the file size extremely large and hinder the performance. In total I created five major buildings and used real image chunks for as texture so that the buildings look realistic. To view the environment on browser, cortona 3d plugin was used which was developed by parallel graphics company.

image image image

3. Usability testing

I conducted a usability test using think aloud methodology on a large touchscreen. Users were asked to go from location A to B using two different navigational assistances. The result of the study was accepted in the proceedings of IHCI conference in India in 2004 in Bangalore. Download paper here.